A New Year’s Note from the Staff

Welcome to the New Year! We are so excited to enter 2018 and look forward to what it will bring.

A New Year brings new opportunities to set goals, which is exactly what the SRA’s intent is for the New Year. The SRA has plans to expand SRT and SPIRIT even further. You can expect more:

  • community building teleconferences;
  • forums for students, consultants, and teachers alike; as well as
  • focused meetings for certified consultants and teachers.

As our global community grows, we are excited to invite new and existing community members to become actively involved. You make a difference! Whether in your corner of the world supporting your local SRT community or electronically by volunteering for the many SRA opportunities (i.e., translation teams, the Board of Directors, one of the many committees, and more). Each one of you contributes in your way with love, talent, and time to make the SRA a successful worldwide organization.

We set our intent that 2018 will manifest an amazing time of love and growth in the SRA and throughout our loving community. We would not be able to succeed without you and SPIRIT working in and through each and every one of you. From all of us at the SRA Office, thank you for your continued support, kindness, and dedication.

RaShell Kingsbury