A New Year’s Note from the Staff

Welcome to the New Year! We are so excited to enter 2018 and look forward to what it will bring.

A New Year brings new opportunities to set goals, which is exactly what the SRA’s intent is for the New Year. The SRA has plans to expand SRT and SPIRIT even further. You can expect more:

  • community building teleconferences;
  • forums for students, consultants, and teachers alike; as well as
  • focused meetings for certified consultants and teachers.

As our global community grows, we are excited to invite new and existing community members to become actively involved. You make a difference! Whether in your corner of the world supporting your local SRT community or electronically by volunteering for the many SRA opportunities (i.e., translation teams, the Board of Directors, one of the many committees, and more). Each one of you contributes in your way with love, talent, and time to make the SRA a successful worldwide organization.

We set our intent that 2018 will manifest an amazing time of love and growth in the SRA and throughout our loving community. We would not be able to succeed without you and SPIRIT working in and through each and every one of you. From all of us at the SRA Office, thank you for your continued support, kindness, and dedication.

RaShell Kingsbury

Design Our New Logo

Dear SRT Community,

In taking the SRA and SRT forward into the future, the Board of Directors have set a number of goals to achieve. These include greater quality control, maintenance and updating of materials, fostering a greater sense of community, and ensuring the SRA and SRT continues to be a pre-eminent source of strength and support for all. Ultimately, we want the SRT community to become a greater cohesive whole.

Following this strategic plan, the Board considers it necessary to develop a new logo that represents the unity of the SRA community and our goals for the future. There are many new exciting developments that will be disclosed in the coming months.

With that in mind, we want to invite you, our SRA family, to design our new logo. The logo may be submitted in any format (hand drawn, painting, computer graphic, etc.) to: sramanager@spiritualresponse.com, no later than 1 January 2018. The winning logo will be selected by a panel of judges chosen from across our community and announced on 31 January 2018.

The successful artist(s) will be awarded a prize, interviewed for the Ascension and have our community’s thanks for helping us move forward to share SRT and SPIRIT’s healing energies for decades to come.


Shirlyn, Jan, Alexandra,
Bertha, & Justin

Please be advised: copyright of the winning logo will be be assigned to the SRA upon artist(s) acceptance of the judge’s decision.


What are students saying about the Intensive Skills class around the World

May 2017 Intensive Skills Class with Lisa Gibbings-Koo London

“The opportunity to revisit balances and learn new ways and approaches to making at situations”

“I like the atmosphere that Lisa and the group created. It was like being with family” 

“I love getting together all other people and practice SRT. Always learn something new or get confirmation on something.” 

“Overall, I had a better understanding deeper understand of the whole process” 

“Lisa is a great teacher I enjoyed her presence and her calm manner of teaching”


Teachers, we are happy to reveal the new SRT Procedure – Prep to Work!

The Basic and Advanced SRT Procedure (aka, “Prep to Work”) were developed as early as mid-1988. As SRT developed and grew to more than 30 charts, handouts, books, class and consultant manuals, and more, SPIRIT guided Robert and a few teachers to revise it — to bring it up to-do-date and succinct in the verbiage and content. Therefore, after more than 20 years (in 2010 and again in 2012), the Basic and Advanced SRT Procedures were modernized.

Now, in 2017, we are proud to let you know the Basic and Advanced SRT Procedure (Prep to Work) has been combined and streamlined into the SRT Procedure – Prep to Work. SPIRIT guided the Board of Directors and committees to streamline the Prep to Work because most of the steps are the same in both Preps and some teachers had expressed to us that it would be easier for Basic students to transition into the Advanced class with important similarities. The last few years, certified teachers and consultants (on and off the SRA Board of Directors) have meticulously reviewed the procedure, and while the Prep to Work looks a little shorter, the integrity and intent stays the same.

The English version of the SRT Procedure – Prep to Work is already on website for teachers to download. Once it returns from the translators, we will have the Chinese, Czech, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, and Spanish ready for teachers to download for their students and classes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Teachers, simply click here! (login required)

Spiritual Response Association English Logo

Gratitude for Teachers in our Community

FH wanted to share her great admiration for one of our teachers. Thank you for this wonderful tribute!

I was introduced to SRT over a decade ago. I have been always a positive person and believed that life is beautiful; but with SRT, I can live this beautiful life every single second. I am so grateful for everything SRA has done for the Universe. Thank you ever so much for the great work, care, love, and knowledge you share with us.

I had been receiving clearings via different practitioners for many years. Finally, about 15 months ago, I attended the first course and started this beautiful journey on my own. AMAZING! Thank you, again, so much for everything, I cannot even describe how grateful I am for this beautiful gift.

Over the last 10 years I met different teachers and practitioners and had a different experience with each of them. Luckily, the first person I worked with was a great experience and saw positive results in my life straight away and this gave me strong beliefs in SRT.

Fortunately, a year ago, I met a SRT teacher/practitioner who, in my eyes, really represents the SRT’s value the way we all should practice, think, and act.

She ensures all her students fully understand the system, how to use it, and helps them through the whole experience and journey. I know there are certain rules to follow, like the content and the hours a teacher needs to spend with the students; but she does so many other checks and spends more time (no extra charge) with them if necessary. She only looks for a little spark and helps everyone shine.

Since I met Gabriella Valo (Hungarian teacher). I feel I am much more confident and understand the system much better and deeper. She is like a Master to me. I have been talking about her guidance and teachings to all my friends. In fact, only recently, three of my friends have started this beautiful journey with her, too. (They have known about SRT for years; but because they had mixed experiences with SRT practitioners, they did not feel it was something for them.) They are all over the moon now!

I mentioned to Gabriella the way I word and do a couple of things with SRT. Such as, when I search for Separates, Discarnates, extra souls, I ask SPIRIT to scan/x-ray through everything at all levels. She thought the idea was great and asked SPIRIT to download this information to all SRT practitioners so everyone could be more efficient.

Gabriella also does so many other wonderful things (free of charge) like:

  • “Oromkor” – Happiness/Joy circle –  on a weekly basis she invites everyone whoever has SRT qualification to heal ourselves, others, and the world. Those who do not have SRT qualification can still can contact her and ask for some help and receive healing energies.
  • Company clearing mission – she offers this to any company (employers or employees) whoever wants to have harmony, love, and abundance at work.
  • Baby Birth Mission – Any mother-to-be can contact her and request clearing before the birth which can help her in the process of giving birth.

I would recommend Gabriella any day! I encourage our SRT family to find out more about her work, method and how she looks after all her students/clients. I believe this could be extremely helpful and would help to spread the love of SRT in the word and increase the number of practitioners – which would be extremely amazing for the whole Universe.

Thank you, Gabriella; thank you to the SRA; and thank you to my SRT family for joining together in this wonderful work.


The 12 Days of the Season

In this time of giving and thankfulness, we send out to our community our 12 Days of giving. Spread the love and kindness to other in your community with these easy and simple kind actions.

  • On the 1stday of the season, let’s thank Spirit for a blessing of a year
  • On the 2ndday of the season, let’s share 2 chocolate Doves
  • On the 3rdday of the season, let’s surprise our team (members) with hot cocoa
  • On the 4thday of the season, let’s add an extra tip to our server
  • On the 5thday of the season, let’s give out hugs
  • On the 6thday of the season, let’s make someone laugh
  • On the 7thday of the season, let’s donate
  • On the 8thday of the season, let’s post a positive affirmation on social media
  • On the 9thday of the season, let’s perform a random act of kindness
  • On the 10thday of the season, let’s make a list for all that we are grateful for
  • On the 11thday of the season, let’s be kind to ourselves and relax at home
  • On the 12thday of the season, let Spirit work its love through us


Spiritual Response Association English Logo

SRA Year Review 25 for 25

This time of year, often reminds us to count our blessings. To take stock of how blessed our life feels.  Gratitude is a great way to enhance more positive possibilities in life.  This year 2016 has been the 25thanniversary of the Spiritual Response Association (SRA).  In numerology 2+5 = 7 which means spiritual completion in the physical.  Robert would often say this about the number 7.  The SRA is reaching a completion of one stage and moving into a new stage of being.  Let us all  focus on a strong intention toward co-creating balance, prosperity and clarity on all levels of our life and this great organization.

How has celebrating and sharing happened over the last 25 years?  A partial list is below; 25 celebrations for 25 years.

  1. Setting up silent auctions in Houston
  2. Creating tea parties in Trinidad
  3. received help at the office over the years for helping with media presentations, supplies, moving, paperwork, fundraising preparation
  4. Writing articles for various publications, including the Ascension!
  5. Donation of personal handmade items for auctions
  6. Creating health expo booths and donating clearing work around the world
  7. Facilitating SRT meetings to support students and other teachers
  8. Financial donations
  9. Hosting Robert’s classes
  10. Hosting Mary Ann’s classes
  11. Helping to Organize and host SRA sponsored classes
  12. Creating gift bags and selling them for a fund raiser
  13. Free lectures to the public on SRT and SpR around the world.
  14. Giving of time and talents to translate SRT materials into other languages
  15. Joining a committee to help bring more balance and success to our projects.
  16. Giving Over 51 hours dedicated to translating Ascension and other materials  in the month of October 2016
  17. Helping certification department process applications from worldwide communities –  sometimes this is 20 hours or more a month of dedication.
  18. Finance committee creating an online bidding auction with many hours of volunteer work from donors of products and committee members.
  19. Gathering in prayer and clearing for those who ask as well as those who SPIRIT directs the Spiritual Committee to work on.  SPIRIT is guiding us daily.
  20. Positive thoughts and prayers for the SRA office and Board. Thank you for your continued help.
  21. Teachers creating curriculum for CEC classes. Thank you all for offering your work to more people
  22. Teaching SRT Basic, Advanced classes worldwide
  23. Teaching Reviews and Spiritual Restructuring worldwide.
  24. Many people have used their creative outlets dedicating their work to SPIRIT.
  25. Meditation and prayer circles, Circles of Love to promote healing


Spiritual Response Association English Logo

Farewell to Kathleen a New Season Begins

The winter months are often a time of reflection. It is the nature of the seasons.  As this pensive season arrives I am saying good-bye to my position as Executive Director for the SRA office.  I am reflecting on the SRA, the staff, the board, the community and everything that makes the SRA what it is today. When I accepted the position as Executive Director, left the board to be a SRA employee, it was with much hope and willingness. I moved from sunny Phoenix, AZ to Olympia WA, a place of rain and greenery.  I love the rain, the greenery and being near my family. My son and I were planning our move to Washington State when the then board asked me if I would be the Executive Director. I am originally from Washington State.  It seemed a good fit for both the SRA and myself.

In the past five years as Executive Director I have helped create and launch a new SRA website, relocate the SRA office itself to a lovely new home, hire new staff, and oversee many new projects including more worldwide classes. We also experienced more USA classes and launched the new CEC program that allows online attendance.  The SRA staff is dedicated to helping the community be informed. There will be even more communication and updates shared.  The SRA communities worldwide, what would I wish for them? To feel the appreciation and love from SPIRIT and the SRA office.  I would also like to share that we are a small staff with only a few full time employees.  Staying on top on projects can be a challenge with so many daily duties and projects.  A very BIG thank you to our communities for understanding we do not always have the resources to implement new programs or new languages. Know the SRA is working on being able to sustain its resources for a more fluid expression. To be in the flow with ease and simplicity.

The new location of the SRA is peaceful and full of positive energy. Everyone seems happy there. Even the service and delivery people who come in comment on how they like the happiness in our office. Although we all live in various locations, keep in touch with the love via Facebook (look for Spiritual Response Association), twitter, email, letters, or phone calls.  On this planet we are all one people, all with the desire for love, understanding and appreciation.

We as a community also lost our founder Robert E. Detzler (2013). He was my mentor, friend and teacher.  Thank you all for the love you showed to the SRA and the Detzler family at that difficult time. Now we move forward as Robert envisioned. Self-sustaining and supporting the many communities he helped create.

Thank you for letting me be part of your life these past five years as the Director of the SRA. It was my privilege and pleasure to help.  I will be assisting the SRA as an Advisor for a few months while a new Director is hired.

With Kind Regards and Blessings,

Kathleen Butler

Spiritual Response Association English Logo

Welcome to our new blog!

Welcome to the new Spiritual Response Association website and blog. This year marks the SRA’s 25 year anniversary.  We hope you are enjoying the new website and opportunities made available by viewing our many classes, list of teachers and content.  It is our goal to post important announcements and news of the day. We also will be using the blog to share ideas, information and events.

This new website makes it easier to purchase product and easier to register online for classes. Wish to contact the staff directly? Check out the “About Us” page and click on Staff. Interested in volunteering on a committee, become a board member or simply help with a project?  Please visit the board and committee page found also under the “About Us” menu.  Board members emails can be found there or you can contact the staff to find out more about volunteering.

Wishing to renew your certification or simply apply to be certified? Please visit our new certification section titled “Certification” on the home page. Click and view the minimum requirements and download the forms necessary for your initial or renewal application. We have a dedicated staff ready to answer questions at certification@spiritualresponse.com

Thank you for showing your support by visiting out website, blog and considering our products, classes and suggestions for additional books. Take a moment to listen to one of the free mediations. Let it be part of your relaxation time.

From the SRA Staff and Board, thank you for the many blessings and support as we move into another 25 years of helping people.

The P'Taah Tapes Book - An Act of Faith

The Ptaah Tapes: An Act of Faith

By Jani King

Assistance for humanity at this grand time of transformation for all of humanity and the earth is the message here. As you read P’taah’s words, you will feel and experience that which you have always known – you are a Perfect, Eternal Expression of the Source.