The P'Taah Tapes Book - An Act of Faith

The Ptaah Tapes: An Act of Faith

By Jani King

Assistance for humanity at this grand time of transformation for all of humanity and the earth is the message here. As you read P’taah’s words, you will feel and experience that which you have always known – you are a Perfect, Eternal Expression of the Source.

Transformation of the Species Book - Conversations with P'taah, Part 2

The Ptaah Tapes: Transformation of the Species

By Jani King

P’taah gives a sequel to AN ACT OF FAITH and takes you into the deeper meaningfulness of who you are with simple formulas to change your experience of life. As humanity is rushing toward total transformation, P’taah gently puts it all into perspective. Who you are is divinity in expression here and now no matter what the story.

Remembering Your Destiny: The Twelve Practices Book

The Twelve Practices

by Pamela Murray

Tired of theory that doesn’t translate to “real life?” Ready for something that really works? In Remembering Your Destiny, you will not only find food for thought, you will learn hands-on practices to propel you into your intended destiny, sure-footed and well-prepared. You will learn how to:

  • connect with that part of you that remembers your destiny
  • articulate your destiny in an action-oriented manner
  • access the pre-birth contract you made about the role you play in healing the world
  • realize the full spectrum of your gifts and talents
  • discard your excuses and action which impede complete expression of your destiny
  • live fully in the glory for which you were created
  • develop “practical mysticism” as a way of life.

Through the use of ground-breaking exercises and new tools developed for this process, you bring to full flower the possibilities inherent in a life without limits.

The New Success: How to Redefine, Create & Survive Your Own Success Book

The New Success

by Pamela Murray

Have you bought into someone else’s definition of success? Would you like to create the life you want to live? By using the exercises and tools in The New Success, you can do just that! You learn how to use the Three Critical Keys to Success; set and achieve goals that are compatible with your values and desires; overcome OPNI and YONI; and understand and move through the changes that occur as you create the life of your dreams. The theory in The New Success is backed up by down-to-earth practicality with tools such as Worksheets for Self-Discovery, Ten-Minute Drills for accelerated progress, a Thirty-Day Success Plan to get you moving; and a Four-Week Networking Plan to bring into your life the people who can help you. 200 pages.

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives Book

Destiny Of Souls

by Michael Newton Ph.D.

In Destiny of Souls, sixty-seven people just like you recall their life between lives through Dr. Michael Newton’s personal work in spiritual hypnotherapy. Based on his groundbreaking research into the afterlife, this book is designed both for those new to afterlife case studies and for fans of Dr. Newton’s bestselling first volume, Journey of Souls.Explore the meaning behind your own spiritual memories as you hear the stories of people in deep hypnosis and learn fascinating details about:-Our purpose on Earth-Spiritual settings where souls go after death-The soul-brain connection-Soul mates-Soul travel between lives-Spirit guides-Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living-Why we choose certain bodies.

Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives Book

Journey Of Souls

by Michael Newton Ph.D.

Now considered a classic in the field, this remarkable book was the first to fully explore the mystery of life between lives. Journey of Souls presents the first-hand accounts of twenty-nine people placed in a “superconscious” state of awareness using Dr. Michael Newton’s groundbreaking techniques. This unique approach allows Dr. Newton to reach his subjects’ hidden memories of life in the spirit world after physical death. While in deep hypnosis, the subjects movingly describe what happened to them between lives. They reveal graphic details about what the spirit world is really like, where we go and what we do as souls, and why we come back in certain bodies.Through the extraordinary stories in this book, you will learn the specifics about:-How it feels to die-What you see and feel right after death-When and where you learn to recognize soul mates on earth-Different levels of soul: beginning, intermediate, and advanced-What happens to “disturbed” souls-The purpose of life and manifestation of a “creator”.