Continuing Education Classes

To obtain the Continuing Education Credits (CEC) you will be required to attend class and there will be some written work, usually personal journaling responses, with each class that must be submitted to the teacher for completing the class and obtaining the credits. Written work must be submitted within a week following the class for full credits. Attendance (or recorded review available for limited time) at class is mandatory for your renewal credits and your maximum learning experience.

Final Registration is two weeks prior to class beginning. If class does not achieve its minimum students; you may then be able to register for another class, if one is available. Full payment is necessary at registration. Credit card, check or PayPal or bank transfers are accepted.

Please use link above for checking on the class times using the teacher’s or class origin time zone and then yours to assure you are available for the class you choose to register to take. Note class attendance is mandatory although a couple class sessions may be reviewed via recording to complete class requirements.

Topic: Improving Your Relationship with SPIRIT!

Exploring your real beliefs about Spirit generally in relationship self can be very surprising. Many of our beliefs come from when we were children when we did not have the knowledge or ability to question whether those ideas were helpful or even accurate. This class will begin with exploring current beliefs still based on those early automatically accepted concepts. Making conscious choices as to what we believe today can be liberating and healing.

Positive prayer will be contrasted with emotional negative prayer. We will explore the four most commonly used prayers as a progression of understanding self and Spirit. The greatest prayer of all – forgiveness can bring instantaneous healing. Forgiveness is not condoning hurtful words or actions, but freely self from the trauma of those past situations. This allows you to create greater health, happiness, and success.

Each class will open with prayer or mindfulness processes to familiarize you to easy and positive ways to experience a greater relationship with Spirit. Each class will end with a meditation or a mindful visualization to assist students to learn to relax and become aware of their own spirit always connected to greater Spirit. The recorded classes can become ways to easily practice these processes for the month.

All students will receive a pre-class assignment for self-examination of personal beliefs and emotional reactions relating to your memories and connection with Spirit. The self-exploration is crucial to full understanding of the first class. Credit students will be asked to practice weekly and journal on insights received or do additional self-exploration assignments. This then can become part of their final post class report evaluating what they learned and how they have improved their concepts and relationship with Spirit because of this short but intensive Continuing Education class.

Class Teacher

 Mary Ann Detzler is the co-founder of the SRA, a retired minister, and known for her recorded meditations on the SRA website. She is a member of the Education Committee and co-author of the Self Mastery Manual. This class is based on her new book, Positively Powerful: Easy Ways to Improve Your Life, to be released by Hay House, Inc. and Amazon this spring. This class will incorporate some of her experiences and personal practices as shared in that book. Some of her best MAGIC column articles in the Ascension have been revised and added for this class as well as new processes from her book. You won’t want to miss this special time of creating profound spiritual awareness in class and during your own weekly practices. Please join her in this special spiritual experience.

Class Information

Date: January 23-February 13, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM PST
Duration: 2-hour sessions
Class Cost: US$180.00
Credits: 18 CEC

Topic: Cash Flow & Money Management

  • Ever wondered why prosperity just passes you by?
  • Have you tried different methods on how to bring abundance into your life, but somehow it hasn’t happened yet? Or if it has, it’s short lived?
  • Have you cleared blocks to abundance repeatedly, but you still wait?
  • Do you wish there was a solution to all this?

Cash Flow & Money Management seminar comes to answer this very thing!

I had had the opportunity to work in the banking business and the experience was unimaginably beneficial. There is something extremely valuable you learn while you write a loan for people. First, in about 2 hours, you have summed up your client financially and know more about them than their accountant and lawyer combined. You know their net worth. What an interesting and valuable experience that is for you and for them.

As I worked my way into the insurance industry, marketing of banking and other financial products and estate planning, I was getting an even better glimpse of the whole picture. Money had its own language and rules. And most people had no clue about these rules and didn’t speak that language.  Over the years I watched many people struggle with money matters, including myself.  Why, you might ask? Because I hadn’t met SRT yet!

You may think that money is not the only important thing in life.  You are right. Our health and our children’s health are more valuable than money, but if you had no money where would you be health wise.  So being wise about money and having a specialized plan, made especially for you or each one of your clients, is the very thing you need. And it’s not that complicated when you use SPIRIT’s guidance and your connection to that knowledge.

Most financial planners will agree that there is no single plan made for the needs of every man, woman or every business. Each plan must be individual and specialized. Once you attend the Cash Flow & Money Management seminar you will be able to:

  • Learn the language & rules of money for clearing blocks to wealth
  • Create individualized financial plans for individuals and businesses alike
  • Know in easy to understand language what you must do to solve small or large financial issues.

Class Teacher

XeniaXenia Ioannidou started her SRT and SpR journey with Robert Detzler and other teachers in March of 2007. She has been an active, enthusiastic and a long-standing member of the Greek translation team and is a certified SRT and SpR teacher for both the Greek and English languages. She was a member of various SRA committees and is currently a member of the SRA’s Education committee. Xenia has been a phone consultant for the SRA since February 2012.

Class Information
Dates: February 21-March 28, 2018
Time: 10:00 am Pacific Time
Duration: 6 weeks/2.5-hour classes
Forum: This is an online class
Cost: US$290.00
CEC Credit: 20 *if qualified