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Gratitude for Teachers in our Community

FH wanted to share her great admiration for one of our teachers. Thank you for this wonderful tribute!

I was introduced to SRT over a decade ago. I have been always a positive person and believed that life is beautiful; but with SRT, I can live this beautiful life every single second. I am so grateful for everything SRA has done for the Universe. Thank you ever so much for the great work, care, love, and knowledge you share with us.

I had been receiving clearings via different practitioners for many years. Finally, about 15 months ago, I attended the first course and started this beautiful journey on my own. AMAZING! Thank you, again, so much for everything, I cannot even describe how grateful I am for this beautiful gift.

Over the last 10 years I met different teachers and practitioners and had a different experience with each of them. Luckily, the first person I worked with was a great experience and saw positive results in my life straight away and this gave me strong beliefs in SRT.

Fortunately, a year ago, I met a SRT teacher/practitioner who, in my eyes, really represents the SRT’s value the way we all should practice, think, and act.

She ensures all her students fully understand the system, how to use it, and helps them through the whole experience and journey. I know there are certain rules to follow, like the content and the hours a teacher needs to spend with the students; but she does so many other checks and spends more time (no extra charge) with them if necessary. She only looks for a little spark and helps everyone shine.

Since I met Gabriella Valo (Hungarian teacher). I feel I am much more confident and understand the system much better and deeper. She is like a Master to me. I have been talking about her guidance and teachings to all my friends. In fact, only recently, three of my friends have started this beautiful journey with her, too. (They have known about SRT for years; but because they had mixed experiences with SRT practitioners, they did not feel it was something for them.) They are all over the moon now!

I mentioned to Gabriella the way I word and do a couple of things with SRT. Such as, when I search for Separates, Discarnates, extra souls, I ask SPIRIT to scan/x-ray through everything at all levels. She thought the idea was great and asked SPIRIT to download this information to all SRT practitioners so everyone could be more efficient.

Gabriella also does so many other wonderful things (free of charge) like:

  • “Oromkor” – Happiness/Joy circle –  on a weekly basis she invites everyone whoever has SRT qualification to heal ourselves, others, and the world. Those who do not have SRT qualification can still can contact her and ask for some help and receive healing energies.
  • Company clearing mission – she offers this to any company (employers or employees) whoever wants to have harmony, love, and abundance at work.
  • Baby Birth Mission – Any mother-to-be can contact her and request clearing before the birth which can help her in the process of giving birth.

I would recommend Gabriella any day! I encourage our SRT family to find out more about her work, method and how she looks after all her students/clients. I believe this could be extremely helpful and would help to spread the love of SRT in the word and increase the number of practitioners – which would be extremely amazing for the whole Universe.

Thank you, Gabriella; thank you to the SRA; and thank you to my SRT family for joining together in this wonderful work.