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Greetings from the SRA Phone Consultants!

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Welcome! You are now part of a growing global community. You will find SRT Teachers, Consultants, and Student Practitioners in over 44 countries! Many people get blocks from time to time. The SRA Telephone Consultants are available as a clearing support.

Some reasons for blocks and programs can be:

  • New programs or blocks we previously had no information on.
  • Extremely well hidden blocks or programs.
  • The Soul is ready to work on something it didn’t want to look at before.

Our job as SRA Phone Line Consultants is to help you stay clear and assist you with your clearing work.

We can help you:

  • Clear Past Life Energies.
  • Harmonize Relationships
  • Feel Empowered.
  • Break Cycles of Disharmony
  • Release Subconscious Blocks

You can also consider us your personal “spiritual coaches”. In addition to clearing programs and blocks, we can help explore your ego roles, words, thoughts, beliefs, and emotional habit patterns. We are here to help enable you to take full advantage of the freedom that comes from the process.

The SRA phone line Consultants are also available for full clearings.

The charge is presently $2.00 per minute. (Rates are subject to change.) The SRA accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal.

Again, welcome to the global SRA Community!

Blessings and Light,
SRA Phone Line Consultants


Call 360.413.7881 and select Option 3.

Monday thru Friday: 5 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.*
Saturday: 5 a.m. – 5 p.m.*

(*All times PST. International rates may apply.)

SRA Consultants


BrigittaBrigitta is a Certified SRA Consultant living in Hungary. She first met SRT in 2007 after having been trained in various other healing modalities. She has an active SRT consulting practice and provides bilingual services in English and Hungarian. She enjoys working with SRT most for it’s powerful healing and simplicity. She regularly works as interpreter for SRA sponsored classes in Hungary. She is the founder of Morphogenetix which is a spiritual constellation to transform life in the morphogenetic field.


Lord-Jarrett-ElizabethElizabeth began her spiritual path by studying and practicing metaphysical techniques and Yoga in the 1980s. She was introduced to SRT in 1998 and quickly attended her first basic class taught by Kathleen Butler. Using SRT has transformed her life in many ways to the point that she became a Certified Consultant in 1999 and a Certified Teacher in 2000. She has had the opportunity to study SpR and other classes from Robert E Detzler.

Having seen SRT work in many various ways, through friends, family, and clients, she brings a blend of life knowledge to her work. She encourages independence and helps clients and students use SRT in their daily lives. She worked for many years as a Legal/Administrative Secretary as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has many interests and life pursuits: Wife, Mother, Grammy, tennis player, exerciser, crafter, pianist, reader, artist are only a few. She is semi-retired and loves to visit family in Hawaii. She does not expect to retire from SRT as it is her lifestyle, not her “job.”


Neff-GailGail took her first SRT class in 2007 and began working with the public a couple of years later. She has a degree in Psychology and has worked in the counseling field. She also owns horses and loved to ride. Gail says that “SRT changed my life in more ways than I can describe, it changed my relationship with life.”


greta-picGreta first came across SRT at a talk given by Robert in Des Moines, Iowa 21 years ago. She sees healing as a part of her life purpose, and aims to “dwell in the love of SPIRIT and communicate the word and truth of SPIRIT” to help others create change in their lives through SRT and SpR. She is a certified SRT and SpR Teacher and finds SRT/SpR an exciting journey for herself and those she works with. Greta also researches and creates other methods of healing to support the healing process on her own personal time. Through working with her High Self, she feels she can support others in their restoration to wholeness and help them take the conscious-mind action steps to create transformation in their lives.


Stephanie has been practicing SRT since 2003 and is a certified teacher and consultant. She has an education in herbal medicine, homeopathy, color therapy and other forms of Stephanie Klinglervibrational healing. Her passion for pursuing the joy of aligning the power of body and spirit to create abundance has inspired her to focus on the myriad ways we hold onto beliefs and programming that can tie us to a state of lowered vitality and block the life and light force. When we suffer, we cannot be free. And the freedom to embrace happiness, harmony, faith, forgiveness, and knowing is our birthright; Spirit’s cherished gift to us all.


Mariola is a Certified SRT Teacher and SpR practitioner. Originally from Poland, but from 1992 she has lived in the USA in Illinois. In 2013 she moved to Tucson, Arizona. Arizona was calling her. She was introduced to SRT in 2006 and took the Basic and Advance SRT classes with the teacher Shirlyn Wright in Illinois. In 2008 she was certified as a Consultant. Meanwhile she learned many techniques of healing, she was teaching how to be intuitive, but most of that she loves SRT. It is very easy and powerful healing. She enjoys assisting others in theirs healing and transformation. Mariola has a lot of love and compassion for people. She loves to inspire and empower people. She does work in Polish and English language. She has an active practice SRT healing and is conducting group healings on skype or live. More Light, More Love and More Joy for All.


XeniaXenia came across SRT in March of 2007 and has seen her life transform in ways that were not imaginable, so much so that she feels her life is divided in the “Before & After SRT” eras. She has completed her SRT & SpR training with Robert Detzler and other teachers and has been teaching since 2009 in Greek and English. She has been blessed to witness the changes this method can bring to people from around the world and loves to share this therapy with everyone that is willing to try it. She has been an active, enthusiastic and long standing member of the Greek translation team and was a member of other SRA committees. She has a wide variety of educational training and work experience in areas such as management, finance, estate planning, graphic design, marketing and promotion. She has used this knowledge and training to develop compact seminar material that bring solutions and guidance to everyday problems. She now translates some of these seminars in English for the SRA.