SRA Sponsored Continuing Education Credit Program

Dear SRA Community,

As time passes, change is an expected and sometimes looked forward to. As you may know there have been some changes to the SRA Certification Requirements. These changes took effect on January 1st, 2016.

There are new and old ways of acquiring Continuing Education Credits (CEC). They range from taking classes, to translating, volunteering for the organization. More details are listed below. You can also read this in our January 2017 issue of the Ascension. For a diagram readout of these requirements please use the link provided here.

Please note: you are not required to earn 24 credits until after your completion of Intensive Skills twice. Once before you certify as a consultant, and once after you are certified as a consultant.

Whether you are currently certified or considering certification, you may choose one or a combination of the following to fulfill the 24 credits. You have the option of earning more than 24 credits, but not less than.


  • 24 Credits – successful completion of ONE of the following classes is worth 24 Credits.
    • Intensive Skills
    • Self-Mastery
  • 14-24 Credits – Classes specifically approved by the education committee have a range of credits available based on class content and work completed.
  • Teaching a Class – if you teach a CEC Class (approved by the education committee) you will receive 24 Credits.

Teleconference (Volunteer)

  • 4 Credits – If you host a topic-approved teleconference you will receive 4 credits. Your topic must be approved by the SRA board of Directors before it is organized in conjunction with the SRA administrative office and held.
  • 2 Credits – attending a topic-approved teleconference, you will receive 2 Credits.

Translating (Volunteer and Active)

  • 24 Credits
  • Translate the Ascension (for 12 months during your two-year certification period) – this must be in conjunction within established parameters of the SRA translating guidelines/team(s) in one of the languages we support. As our community is continuously growing and changing, it is possible a new language could be supported, a current one could be discontinued, or an old one supported in the past could become active.
  • Translating SRA class curriculum and/or certification documents 24 Credits – this could include (but not limited to) Basic, Advanced, or Self Mastery classes; as well as certification applications, diagrams, and welcome packets.
  • 12 credits
    • Proof Reading/Editing – This one is for proofreading and editing translations in regards to content. This includes comparing the English version of the document to the translated copy to make sure as little meaning is lost during the translation process.
  • 1 credit – Miscellaneous per month of activity
    • For miscellaneous translations, you can receive up to one credit a month. If you were to do a miscellaneous translation from the beginning of your certification cycle up until the point you reapply for your next cycle you could receive all 24 credits.

Committee (Volunteer)

  • 12 Credits – Active Committee Member (being a member of the SRA Board of Directors is not included in this category; only serving on a committee).
    • To receive all 12 credits, you must participate and be present for most of the meetings and potential work that comes with being on a committee. Such as the Certification Committee, where application are sent to you for review and a meeting is held once a month to discuss the applications.
  • 1 credit – Active Taskforce Member for every month of activity.
    • If a committee needs some extra support from the community for a project that the other members may not have time for, a taskforce member is placed on the project to complete in a set time frame.

Other ways to earn credits

  • 4 Credits – publish an article in the Ascension – write an original article for the Ascension, submit it for content and editing approval AND be printed in the Ascension.
  • 6 credits per renewal period – attend one outside class per renewal period
    • As many of you take multiple classes through the year to increase your knowledge on various subjects in spiritual enlightenment, one of those classes count for 6 credits. Your renewal period is two years. You may only have one outside class per 2-year period.
  • 4 credits per year – Practicing or teaching SRT – you can receive 4 credits per year of your two-year certification cycle. Credit Limit: 8 credits per two-year certification cycle).

Please keep in mind: 24 credits are needed for recertification. This applies to every certification cycle. You may mix and match the various ways to receive credit, but you must have 24 credits to recertify. If you would like to request the Certification Committee to review your application without these credits, you may submit a letter with the reason(s) why you have not completed these credits and what steps you will take during your possible extension or next certification cycle to complete all requirements.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Taylor at!