Teachers, we are happy to reveal the new SRT Procedure – Prep to Work!

The Basic and Advanced SRT Procedure (aka, “Prep to Work”) were developed as early as mid-1988. As SRT developed and grew to more than 30 charts, handouts, books, class and consultant manuals, and more, SPIRIT guided Robert and a few teachers to revise it — to bring it up to-do-date and succinct in the verbiage and content. Therefore, after more than 20 years (in 2010 and again in 2012), the Basic and Advanced SRT Procedures were modernized.

Now, in 2017, we are proud to let you know the Basic and Advanced SRT Procedure (Prep to Work) has been combined and streamlined into the SRT Procedure – Prep to Work. SPIRIT guided the Board of Directors and committees to streamline the Prep to Work because most of the steps are the same in both Preps and some teachers had expressed to us that it would be easier for Basic students to transition into the Advanced class with important similarities. The last few years, certified teachers and consultants (on and off the SRA Board of Directors) have meticulously reviewed the procedure, and while the Prep to Work looks a little shorter, the integrity and intent stays the same.

The English version of the SRT Procedure – Prep to Work is already on website for teachers to download. Once it returns from the translators, we will have the Chinese, Czech, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, and Spanish ready for teachers to download for their students and classes. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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